Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bridgend Indoor Market And the Christmas Decorations In July....An Update

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Regular readers to this blog will know of my previous recent posts regarding Bridgend Indoor Market in Bridgend Town. For whilst like the town itself there are swathes of stall closures there also seems to be an insult upon injury with regard to the Christmas decorations.....still there....in July.

Well I have been regularly nagging with blog villain Bridgend Labour Council on this. Basically asking when are these decorations going to come down. For it doesn't help in giving a good overall impression of the market (though obviously the empty stalls aren't great either). Especially as....after all ….it's July.

When I say nagging. It's more that I go on Twitter. Ask (politely) when the decorations are going to come down and receive no response.

That was until yesterday. When at last they came back and their answer was basically this. That the Christmas decorations are provided by town and community councils. "If you have any concerns about a specific area" (oh I don't know...Christmas decorations in July) then I'd need to contact the relevant town/community council concerned.

Now that seemed to be classic political passing the buck answer. "Don't bother us go to someone else" seemed to be the subtext here. The trouble with the response , the simple fact as to why I tweeted them about it and what it appears the Bridgend County Borough Council Official Twitter account did not know was that they run the market.

Even being at my most charitable even if somehow because of some arcane local government law the decorations above the stalls in an indoor market are not the responsibility of the council then they, as the people who run the market (note that official Bridgend Council Twitter account) should be banging on the doors of the organisation whose responsibility it is and demanding the decorations are put down the next day. Given that it is...well...July.

And if the responsibility is completely theirs (as I suspect) then they should dismantle them  immediately. Image is everything they say. And Christmas in July does not help the Indoor Market one jot. At the very least the council owe it to the stallholders and customers.

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