Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Bridgend Indoor Market And The Christmas Decorations In July....Yet Another Update!!

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Bridgend Indoor Market has Christmas Decorations hanging up since July. I tweet the council saying that they really should be taken down. Their response? Basically nothing to do with them. I revert saying surely it is given they run the market.


Bridgend Council's Twitter feed respond to me. I genuinely wish I could tell you what it said. Genuinely I do. But I can't. And you know why I can't? Because they have since deleted the tweet. 

So obviously I would not be able to prove a thing.

I will say one thing about Bridgend Council's Twitter feed. I have my doubts that the person lives/works in Bridgend but what the deleted tweet revealed was that the person hadn't visited the market for at least seven months.

So in response to the tweet I cannot talk about I send them this picture. Taken in June.

Not impressive in June
Now this seemed to have stirred the Bridgend Council Twitter feed into a quick response. Which was this.

We've been informed that some decorations may be in place in higher parts of the market space which are switched on when required, and left unlit when not - thanks.

Best way I could to copy this tweet.

So the first thing I take from reading this tweet is that I think that I can reasonably assume that the council have now acknowledged that the decorations are theirs.

I have no idea what "higher parts of the market space" means. But as the picture shows the decorations were not that high and they did cover most of the market

Hanging Christmas Decorations ….whether switched on or not....are still Christmas decorations.

The Council have no intention of taking them down. Thus providing the stallholders with an embarrassing white elephant for about ten months of the year.

And you wonder why I call the council a  blog villan.

I'm not sure that I can take this issue further. But I might pass the ball to someone with more knowledge to see whether he can deal with it.

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